How to buy

How to Buy

The online buying procedure

1. Select the product you want to buy.

2. Choose the quantity you want to buy; if the product has variations, then choose: length, dimensions or other technical characteristics;

3.Press the “Add to cart” button and the product is now in your cart (it can be viewed in the upper right corner)

4. If you want to buy other products, you can continue following the same steps, if not, enter your cart (in the upper right corner)

5. Here you can “View cart” in order to: either change the quantity or remove products from cart or if you are sure that you have chosen the products you need and do not want to make other changes select the option “Checkout”

6. To complete the order you will need:

  • to enter your personal data (name, surname, telephone, e-mail, address) and if you buy on your company’s behalf, the company data, as well as the delivery address; if the delivery address is the same as the billing address then check the “Deliver to billing address” option. (This information is needed in order to efficiently process your order).
    Please fill in the form correctly and indicate the persons to whom the invoice is issued.
    A correct e-mail address is very important because the information related to the order and the ordered products will be sent by e-mail. An incorrect e-mail address slows down the entire ordering process. Furthermore, the company will not be able to contact you and inform you about the status of your order, if they are missing information or the information such as e-mail address or telephone number are incorrect.
  • Choose the payment method: bank transfer payment or payment on delivery, as well as if you want the products to be delivered to you by courier or you want to pick it up in person from the store;
  • Here you can view the total cost of your order depending on the options you choose. If you agree with the products purchased, the quantity, the payment / transport conditions and the price, choose the “Place order” option;
    The message “Thank you, your order has been received” will appear.

7. Your order will be processed by our operators as soon as possible, and you will receive by email all the information related to the status of the order and the invoice for the ordered products.

8. If you have selected delivery by courier, the products will be delivered to your home in a maximum of 48 hours!

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