How I order

How I order

The ordering process

The customer can launch an online order from the product listing page or the individual product page, and will complete the order after selecting a payment and delivery method.

The products added to the shopping cart do not attract the registration of the order or the reservation in the store of the goods added to the basket.

In order to successfully complete the ordering process, the customer assumes that all the contact details provided by him are complete and correct. If necessary, for the successful completion of the order the buyer can be contacted by the seller through the available means agreed by him.

When ordering online with courier delivery, customers will be contacted to confirm the order by phone.

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order placed by the buyer, in one of the following cases:

– If the payment was not accepted by the payment processor approved by the seller

– the data provided by the customer are erroneous / incomplete;

– The card / transaction is not accepted by the issuing bank;

– Payment made by PO (bank transfer / internet banking), was not made in 3 working days

– Delivery by courier / Sistem Cofraje’s courier was not possible (eg the customer can not be found by telephone and / or physical courier, at the address indicated for the delivery of purchased goods, etc.);

In case of cancellation of the order, none of the parties involved will claim / request damages.

According to GEO no. 34/2014 the buyer has the possibility to withdraw the agreement within 14 days from its conclusion.

More details on this aspect can be found here.

In our online store, the products are displayed with several types of availability, depending on which products can be ordered online or reserved in stores. More details on product availability can be found here.

For good reasons, related to the damages caused to the company, Sisteme Cofraje may restrict the access of some customers to certain facilities made available in the online store, such as payment and delivery methods. For more specific details, related to the reasons that led to these measures, the clients in question can contact e-mail

In the case of electronically paid orders, the Seller cannot be held responsible for any other costs incurred by the Buyer, such as for example operating fees, currency conversion fees (if payment is not made in lei) applied by the issuing bank of his card. The responsibility for this action lies solely with the Buyer. The entire responsibility lies within the client and any disputes will be resolved between him and the card issuing bank.

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